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Season cancelled for PVA

Hello PVA Families -

We hope you have all been in good health and spirits during this very strange spring and summer. We had been waiting to get closer to the school year and youth sports season to see what kind of guidance came down from the State of Vermont and specifically Vermont State Amatuer Hockey Associate that we play under. There are still many uncertainties that will arise in the coming months but we want to reach out this time to provide what information we could and where we stand as an organization.

VSAHA has provided guidance that this season there will be no State Tournament, Jamborees or multi-team tournaments approved of any kind due to Covid Restrictions. Teams that will be offering programs this year are to play other in-state teams only with some limited access to New York or New Hampshire counties/teams. VSAHA will not be running established tiers this season and because there will be no state tournament there will be no number of games requirement and no home/home game requirements.

We had been hoping that Vermont Academy would continue to support us with ice time even at a possible reduced capacity. Unfortunately we have been advised that Vermont Academy has entered into an agreement with other Prep Schools that they will NOT allow outside teams to rent ice this season to limit the access to the facility to reduce possible exposure to potential virus spread. What does that mean for PVA? That effectively means that our program has no home ice to practice or have games on during the 2020/2021 season.

We have been actively trying to work with other surrounding rinks to see if we can get ice to continue to support a PVA hockey season this year with possibly reduced practices or limited games. Unfortunately, we have come up empty handed. Keene & Brattleboro could support a few hours a week but we unfortunately couldnt afford the ice costs and we wouldn't be able to support our full program of teams with what they have available for ice times.

After much consideration and with heavy hearts we are opting to not run a PVA hockey season for 2020/2021. We have looked into the viability of other local programs including Brattleboro and Woodstock. Brattbleoro has let us know there is some space available for some players in their program and we have had some fantastic conversations with Woodstock hockey who has told us ALL PVA players will have room to go there. We are encouraging our families that are looking to play this season to register with Woodstock for the 2020/2021 season. They have the ice and numbers to support all of our age groups (and they are willing to allow us to run a combo 14/16U team this year with them that we had planned on for this year) The bulk of our program is in the Squirt/Peewee age groups and by having as many PVA kids move to Woodstock as possible with their numbers we could effectively make 2 teams at each level so even if part way thru the season other teams are unwilling to play games we could still have regular in house games between the two teams to keep these kids building on their skills.

I am aware that for many of our families that season fee costs are a concern - I have addressed this with Woodstock as well and they are willing to work with any family that needs to establish a payment plan just as PVA would. I have had many communications with the President of Woodstock Hockey and they want to support any kids that would like to have a season this year. I know another big factor here is the drive and possible practice times that may be problematic. Since we are really doing our best to try to keep PVA kids together as much as possible this year we will be looking to set up conversation/communication to help those kids that may need rides to ensure we can accommodate anyone who wants to play.

If you have any credits with PVA hockey from last season we are happy to provide those funds to Woodstock this year to help cover costs and may potentially be looking at providing some PVA funds to families in the way of scholarships to help offset fees if needed. We want to ensure that anyone who wants to play this season has a way to play. Woodstock has been open this summer for camps and I can tell you that they are very up to speed and leading the way during these new covid times to ensure player safety at the rink.

We are hoping to possibly put together some fun PVA events this winter and possibly some pond hockey if we can to continue to foster that local family feeling. We will continue to see how things unfold this hockey season in the hopes of returning to Vermont Academy for the 2021/2022 hockey season. We don't see this season as a loss but a way for our kids to grow and experience new things while we as an organization will continue to find ways to support our PVA families and find new ways to grow our program and support our communities more effectively.

If you should have questions please feel free to reach out via email and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP with any answers or guidance we can provide during this time. If you are looking for more detailed information concerning Brattleboro and/or the Woodstock programs contact them directly or go to their websites. Hope to see you at the rink!

Springfield Thunderbirds Game Friday 2/21 at 7pm

A lot of folks have been asking for the link again, so here it is. Order your tickets now, promises to be a great night filled with hockey and fun. Kids can go on the ice after the game to meet the players and take pictures. The first 1000 kids there that night will receive a free jersey! Tickets are $20, with $5 of every ticket going to PVA!

Practice canceled 12/30

practice is canceled tonight, see you Thursday.  Happy new year!

Dressing your kiddo in their hockey gear

USA Hockey has put together this great Youtube video that shows you just how to do it.

See you at the rink!

Learn to Skate Program better than imagined

When we first decided to host this program this February we thought "maybe we'll get 5 or 6 kids".  Boy were we wrong!  With over 20 kids actually participating in the program we were able to successfully teach kids the basics of skating, and for many the basics of hockey.  Thank you to all of those parents and kids who came out regardless the temperatures.  It was so amazing to watch the kids start out and to see where they progressed.  Look for our next event once the season starts up again in November!

Aidan McDermid 2018 Grout -Beebe Memorial Sportsmanship Award Recipient

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize this years recipient of the Grout-Beebe Memorial Sportsmanship Award.  This award is given to an older youth in our program that has demonstrated the true meaning of leading by example displaying true sportsmanship in their hockey interactions, on and off the ice as well as their dedication to our program.  Handed out at half time during our Alumni game celebration, recipients are congratulated by former recipients, players, fans, family and friends.

Aidan is a young man who has demonstrated these very skills with his coaching volunteering, his availability and willingness to go the extra mile to help some of our youngest players develop any one of there many needed skills, even if it just means convincing them to get on the ice.  Aidan's team availability ended a couple of years ago with many other players deciding to go elsewhere or to not play at all.  Despite that, Aidan remains dedicated to the sport by assisting PVA in all the different places that he can.  

Thank you Aidan for all you have done to continue our great program and for being that example for our players to look up to on and off the ice!


Some very important information that all parents should know...

Practice Schedule

(Subject to Change) 

Tuesday nights:

6:30 - 7:30 pm U8 travel mites/U10/U12

7:30 - 8:30 pm U14/16 

Wednesday nights:

6:30 - 7:30 pm U8 travel mites/U10/U12

7:30 - 8:30 pm U14/16 


8:30 - 9:30 am ALL U8-U12

(including house/learn)/U10 unless otherwise noted)


8:30 - 9:30 am ALL U8-U12

(including house/learn)/U10 unless otherwise noted)

The Next PVA Board Meeting is:

Scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th at 6:30p at the rink.


PVA Hockey

Pleasant Valley Hockey Association has been providing the youth of our area the experience of playing hockey for over 40 years.  We are open to all children ages 4 years to 16, that are interested in learning and playing the game.  We usually practice 2 times per week with games on the weekends.

Team options for this season are: 

Learn to skate (6 or 12 weeks)

CO-ED teams:

U8 (Mites)

U10 (squirts)



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